According to Oxford Dictionnary

Witchcraft: The practice of magic, especially black magic; the use of spells.

‘children and goods were believed to be vulnerable to the witchcraft of jealous neighbours'
  1. 1.1 (in a modern context) religious practice involving ritual, spells, and nature worship, usually within a pagan tradition.

A wee bit better than the French official definition of Witchcraft who denies the second point ... the pagan tradition.

Have a look at the French definition: Larousse dictionnary:

"A magical practice for the purpose of performing a generally harmful action on a human being (fate, spell, possession), on animals or plants (livestock diseases, crop failures, etc.). "

At Athalis, the Witches Athanor, we rather prefer this definition:

Practice of a form of Magic.

The Sorcerer or Witch work with natural energies, plants, the moon, ancient gods and entities that Christendom has relegated as Demons. The sorcerer often works with the Magician and this since John Dee. Witches and Wizards are often hyper sensitive, with synchronicity abilities and can use their knowledge to good or evil, like all of us.

The witch hunt, which is still active today, for example in India or in some red necks villages in the United States, shows us that the clichés are still very active.

During the great witch-hunts that lasted until the nineteenth century in Europe, the victims of this genocide were: the Jews accused of Sorcery, women, homosexuals, doctors, herbal doctors.

The revival of Witchcraft has been particularly active in Germany since the 70s, mainly women wanting to get out of the shackles of patriarchal Christian society.

This tells us a lot about people's perception about Witches but it is now time for us to make our "coming out" because our religion is the most tolerant up to today.

I use the word "religion" intentionally" with the meaning of "what connects humans," religere "in Latin, the link.

In other words, how to become a Wizard, a Sorcerer, a Witch?

One does not become a Sorcerer or a Witch easily, the writer of this text is not going to lie to you. I am no advanced Sorcerer. I am a passionate student of those Arts. I of course practice and already saw a positive transformation in me, I came across some phenomenon that pure rationality could not explain.

This work aim is to share with you, with humility, my discoveries, hoping somehow that you own work, your experiences will be guidance.

All I can say is that my live changes everyday for the best and in itself this is very motivating.

I am convinced that the experiences that I am conducting, the results that I am observing are no coincidences as there are too many but let's start with the topic. How to become a male or a female Witch.

So it does not seem to be easy to be become a Sorcerer in 24 hours, for someone like me, who is not a natural Witch or better who hasn't discovered yet its "natural Witch ability" as I am convinced that all of us have that ability but that ability needs to be unveiled. It involves a lot of reading, researching, investigating and not only through internet. We do have to go to the core knowledge, the books and the experimentation.

I shall without any doubts, insert in this internet website a lot of references so you will be able to read the fundaments, the original texts, I will then privately through an //ftp technology share them with you.

Through reading, studying and experiments you will understand that Magick and Witchcraft have a lot in common.

You will have also to deal with ancient languages such as Hebrew, Latin, Arabic and Sanskrit and go beyong languages through practice like with Shamanism to learn the language of nature and the spirits. Do not be afraid and remember that languages have more in common than differences. The rituals will help you getting familiar with those languages that may at first seem difficult. Rituals are made, I strongly believe to open the unconscious/subconscious parts of our mind and away from the rational mind reach other dimensions that our daily world do not allow us to access.

Rationalism is a necessary pair of glasses that we put in order to see a part of the whole world, should I also write universe ? Within the rational worldrationality is working, it works in our society but it is insufficient with Spirituality.

I learnt this from the Shamanic experiences that I am conducting, without drugs. Some do, I do not. We are all free in our choices I am strongy convinced on that matter. So let us go back to rationalism. It is only a pair of glasses to see and explain the world.

It seems with quantum physics that it is possible to wear an other pair of glasses (if not many others), that has been the work of Witchcraft and Magick for a very long time. Unfortunately the Church of Rome, maybe with good intentions (do not we say in French that "Hell is made of good intentions?") decided to condemn Magick, driving our world far away from this ancient knowledge.

At a time when Christ was born, 3 Magicians saw and followed the Star of Bethlehem. They followed the Star announcing the birth of Jesus Christ. It is highly interesting that it is the Magicians that followed the Star, from remote countries at the time as India and Iran. The Magick knowledge was involved in the very birth of Christ. I will come back to this topic in my book-


I am personally convinced that Christ is not the one depicted by the Church of Rome but an highlighted magician, it is a theory that many researchers seem to actually share.


I have often heard that Tarot cards reading would be the first step of initiation and this is the one I chose.

It does make sense as Tarot reading leads to the development of intuition, synchronicity awareness, divination, symbols reading and understanding them.


You can start with Tarot reading but quite rapidly the practice of Rituals will be necessary.

My advice would be as it is suggested by the occultists since the XIXth century to perform daily, routinely, in the evening the Lesser Bannishing Ritual of the Pentagramm





If you wish to join us through a Seminar or private Skype shares you will have access to a large and incredible amount of books with topics containing hundred of books .pdf or E Books from Alchemy, to Bible studies, Witchcraft and dozens of rituals, Magick “Grimoires” some very difficult to find or even Black Magick with the famous and infamous Dragon Rouge. I have been collecting rare books for now a good 20 years that I am willing privately to share with you.

"Le Dragon rouge", the red Dragon Paris "Les vrais secrets de la Magie noire" by Alexandre Legran.

Do not worry we do have an English version as we translate all sources.

Why 3 rd Step? Because I do believe in practice as much in the theory as far as Witchcraft and Magick are concerned. It is only after seeing the first effects that you will know if you are made for this, there are plenty of spiritualities over there and as opposed to many religions and spiritualities we do not advocate our beliefs to be the only ones for you. We are all free and this is our richness.

But if you feel ready after learning how to read the Tarots cards and doing rituals then the door will open to the higher levels and the deep work should I write the “great work” will begin!

Of course we do recommend not to jump first to Black magick, remember it is not a game, it works and only advanced students can practice Black Magick-

You will be more likely to start with "Dogmes et Rituels de Haute Magie" by Eliphas Levi, French Occultist from the XIXth Century, tranlated into English by the founder of the order of the Golden Dawn and the creator of the famous Rider-Waite Tarot deck : The occultist A.E. Waite, an American-born British poet and scholarly mystic who wrote extensively on occult and esoteric matters.

So we now see clearly the relationship between Tarot initiation and Magick/Witchcraft now.

Rider-Waite Tarot deck

4th Step . Sacrifices

It will be necessary to invest in a lot time studying, give up some relationship and acquaintances. But do not worry some new people will pop up in your life and maybe more interesting, fascinating ones.

Let me tell you a story.

Daily life, I could feel that something was not right, abusive relationship and friendship, sadness, misunderstandings. I knew something had to be done but I could not sense what.

I decided to do a set of rituals not to harm anyone but to get rid of negative people in my life:

Within a few days some “friends” left my life, not harmed but just left my life, suddenly. One wrote me a letter that he would not see me anymore becauseI had a big ugly nose and some other reasons that I keep private but made sense at the time and 3 others well, I just could not contact them anymore, they would not answer or purely changed their path of life and I did not see them anymore. This was the first set of “coincidences”.




I must admit that because of my Philosophy studies at University, I had a deep appetite for rationality. I believed in science only and I kept during my studies on Magick and Witchcraf, not believing in it's effects.

I could not rationally believe that the disappearance of some bad influences could have anything to do with my rituals. So I started writing about the “coincidences” as I name them. Since then, with the girl I was with a "medium" I kept writing about those so called "coincidences".

I also understood that Magick is not too “human morality” orientated. I explain.


I asked for distance from negative people but what are really negative people? None of my friends were evil, most would maybe generating bad feelings or make me waste time and energy as I have this tendency to “help others” but evil enough too be casted away from my life, sure not !

A few days after the ritual and the sudden distance of my friends I felt lonely and missed them. Then I understood that with Magick I should be careful. In order to see the light we need some darkness so when I asked without thinking that the so called negative friends would live my life and they did, I found myself missing them. Also no human is purely negative, some friends maybe annoying, betraying, following their path but some darkness make us go forward, improve. I never saw them again and most of them I do not miss them but one I do miss him deeply.

I learnt a lesson, with Witchcraft one must be careful of what one asks for as it works but beyond our human understanding. Do not forget this.

This is the reason why I guess that Wicca has the following rule:

An it harm none, do what ye will .”

It extends to the Wiccan rule of 3. The Rule of Three is a religious concept held by some Wiccans. It states that whatever energy a person puts out into the world, be it positive or negative, will be returned to that person three times.

So it is better do remain in the right side of the energy, who am I to decide if a person is negative or positive, according to what morality? Do we need or not some kind of negativity in friendship? Do our friends have always to be “good” to us, is a friend annoying or heavy at one specific time annoying for the rest of our life or maybe just a boost for a change?

I learnt a lesson but maybe the most important there, I learnt !

Sometimes a spell (let's call a spade a spade) can be useful, I was put in a situation of real abuse, being used by a specific person and there the spell ( ritual) helped, the guy left my life and I could find the inner strength to not contact him anymore and for ever ( I hope so) closed any possibility to see him again. Blessed be!

So be careful on how you conduct a ritual and what you ask for.

It goes without saying that a spell trying to harm someone will obey the same rules so for once I fully agree with the Wicca saying that I put again here:

An it harm none, do what ye will .”

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